A cellulose fleece is normally used for lamination which can be joined at temperatures up to about 220° C.

veneers, individually designed for you

We appreciate to offer you now also all types of bamboo veneers. Choose between the colours nature and coffee light brown, in each case as horizontal and vertical, up to a maximum length of 2500 mm and up to a width of 1200 mm. Our veneer is available according to the type with thickness from 0,3 mm to 0,8 mm with or without fleece.

1-ply panels are ranking from 1 mm to 5 mm thickness and an maximum length of 2440 mm x width 1220mm

aprox. 4,0 N/ mm² (Brinell)
Shrink and swelling: 0,14% per 1% change in moisture content
Equilibrium MC: 10% at 20º C and 65% relative Air humidity
8% at 20º C and 50% relative Air humidity
Density: 700 kg/ m³
Emission standard: 0,01 mg/m³ (E1 Norm : max. 0,124)

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