Why parquet?

parquet was optimized in approximately 1-year development for the German and European market Our product has no fibres (rounded edges) as it can be often found at bamboo parquet.
The precision of the fit has been optimised, and constant testing prior to, during, and after processing. Guarantee quality that lasts over time. In addition, we use a criss-cross gluing technique, which lends additional stability to the already very stable from of the bamboo parquet.

The precise "Pre-Finish", so the very good surface, makes it possible, to install our parquet in ideally case quickly with a minimum of grinding. You decide by your self, which "finish" the surface receives and which materials finally find usage. Choose from our collection of tested water varnishes or natural oils and glues.

As producer and importer we reach with our experts that way a constant quality, which will surely satisfy you.

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