Bamboo trunk Bamboo structure, cross-section Bamboo splitting

Raw material - outstanding characteristics

Bamboo contains neither resins nor tannic acids. For the production of parquet only the lateral surface is used, this contains enormous qualities. The cut is flattened, heated and dried after splitting.

The bamboo boards are glued crosswise with 3 layers under high pressure. The crosswise gluing guarantees highest quality. So bamboo is extremely loadable regarding compression tension and bending and yet very easy to process.

With just 10% wood humidity, a Brinell hardness of 4, 0, modest weight, and low swelling and shrinking tendencies, it surpasses all other woods. The material only reacts inertly to short term charges in the climate. Furthermore, its resistance to abrasion is comparable to that of oak and beech.

parquet is resistant and reliable.

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