Crownbamboo Bamboo: the Power and Beauty of the Nature

We are a company, which specialises in the production of a wide variety of BAMBOO Products. Our range of goods not only includes BAMBOO PARQUET FLOORING tabletops and work surfaces, but also BAMBOO VENEER BOARDS ranging in thickness from 0,3 mm to 0,8 mm with or without fleece. Solid panels are available in a thickness from 1 to 50 mm.

The great advantage of using our BAMBOO VENEER and SOLID BOARDS is that they give you the freedom to create a variety of products. The outstanding attributes of bamboo offer a wide rang of advantages:

  • Harder and denser than oak

  • Reacts very slowly to sudden climatic shifts assuring minimal shrinkage and swelling

  • Environmentally friendly, so overexploitation of the earth’s natural resources

These are only a few of the many positive attributes of Bamboo. In addition to receiving the best German know-how and a first class, quality product that you receive directly from us the producer, we are proud to offer you fine Bamboo Products which are not manufactured at the expense of people or the environment.

We are also pleased to offer you our Pre-finished BAMBOO PARQUET FLOORING at incredibly reasonable prices. Or, for a more individual touch, we can easily produce customised flooring, Furniture or sold Boards to suit our customers every need.